Blog creation

Website hosted from my Github Repository

It is using Github Pages. Create a repository called, where username is your username (or organization name) on GitHub and put your website files in there.

Website generation using a Python framework: Nikola

This website is using Nikola which is a Python static website generator. Assuming that you have created a github repository called, clone it with:

git clone [email protected]:username/

Then initialize your website with this command:

nikola init

where is the repository you have just cloned.

cd in this directory and execute this command:

nikola build && nikola serve -b

The website will open at the url

To deploy to Github, change the file such as:


Once you are happy with it, you can deploy to Github with the command:

nikola github_deploy

Posts written using reStructuredText

Useful cheatsheet for the basics:

Download a pre-built template from bootswatch

nikola bootswatch_theme -n custom_theme -s spruce -p bootstrap3